Product Line

FloWQ Production Systems are designed to produce hydrocarbons safely and efficiently in remote areas with harsh environment, arctic or desert climate, and challenging well conditions.

FloWQ Production Systems offers a wide range of technologically advanced products for artificial lift production based on modular product line. This ensures the best configuration for each individual well and allows Wellquip to manufacture and deliver well and field specific systems efficiently regardless of the project size.

FloWQ Production Systems applications include Surface and Downhole Equipment - own tested software, remote monitoring, solid removal systems, chemical injection solutions and many other equipment to increase the production, decreasing the requirement for maintenance and operating costs.

Surface Equipment
FloWQ Surface Equipment is proven technology in remote subarctic and desert climates. Surface Equipment product line includes wide range of pumping units, 2-phase and 3-phase separators, sand separators, well heads, choke and flow manifolds, monitoring system and injection system for chemical treatments.

Downhole Equipment
FloWQ Downhole Equipment product line offers technologically advanced solutions for demanding well conditions. The best solution is based on using combination of most efficient hydraulic jet pump available, well measurement tools and FloWQ Production Software, a calculation program for well characteristics and most optimum production ratios.

FloWQ Production Systems are ideal for chemical well treatments. In association with the major chemical producer, Wellquip Holding offers all necessary oil and gas field chemicals to improve and optimise hydrocarbon production value chain.