Company Profile

Wellquip Holding is an independent company providing Oilfield Solutions and Services.

We focus on major hydrocarbon production regions in Eastern hemisphere, and have strong experience oil and gas related activities in arctic offshore and demanding onshore climates.

Our main office, factory and field services base are located in Pori, Finland.

Our primary objective is to meet all of our Customers’ expectations in time, quality, budget and safety. For over 10 years we have been building our capability, increasing the scale and scope of our service offering. Improving our Customers' business as a whole is enabled by our own R & D work and innovative solutions.

Whether offshore or onshore, Wellquip Holding develops and provides oil and gas asset lifecycle services to Customers from technology development, EPCI, concept design, modernizations, onshore field development and enhanced hydrocarbon production, to long term build, maintain and operate contracts.