Field Services

Wellquip Holding provides oil and gas asset lifecycle services. Our service and support solutions range from basic support to build, maintain and operate contracts.

Wellquip Holding completes installations, hook-up and commissioning of artificial lift systems, optimises operational efficiencies, and provide mature oilfield modernizations and enhanced hydrocarbon production solutions.

We focus on service projects and agreements on long term field operation and maintenance services, and provide expertise, proximity and operation responsiveness for all Customers.

In long term contracts we maximize the local content by training our local technicians.

Construction and Start-Up
Wellquip Holding offers localized, reliable and experienced construction and start-up services of FloWQ Production Systems – from remote arctic to desert climates.   

Maintenance and Technical Support
Wellquip Holding lifecycle efficiency approach start from equipment based monitoring and individual preventive maintenance plan ensuring cost efficiency, smooth operation and performance optimization. Our condition based maintenance enables operations to run at optimal level with minimal production interruptions.

Production and Field Management
At Wellquip Holding we are committed to operate Customers’ production systems safely and efficiently - achieving the lowest lifecycle cost and highest possible efficiency - meeting all applicable environmental requirements.

As the total service provider, Wellquip Holding solutions encompass every aspect of proactive service and customer support, freeing Customers to concentrate on their core business and maximizing the return on investment.

Wellquip Holding technical training covers all aspects of operation, maintenance and safety issues optimizing the safety availability, reliability and productivity of production systems. Courses are always tailor made for applicable production systems application and environment.

Field Equipment, Tools and Spares
Wellquip Holding offers all oilfield equipment, tools or spare parts needed for maintenance of existing systems or development of new features. Our experienced supply chain ensures that items will be in the right place at the right time ready to serve Customers’ operations.