Production Systems

Wellquip Holding develops and provides oil and gas asset lifecycle equipment and services to Customers from field concept design, hydrocarbon production modernizations, optimising operational efficiencies, field development and enhanced hydrocarbon production, to long term operation and maintenance services.

Wellquip Holding designs, manufactures, and builds innovative artificial lift solutions, FloWQ Production Systems, which are proven in practice in remote subarctic and desert climates of Eastern hemisphere.

FloWQ Production System is based on hydraulic jet pump technology - ideal for production modernizations, enhanced oil recovery, dewatering gas wells, well testing and early production, flow backs after fracture treatment and chemical treatment.

FloWQ Production System offers the best technology available for heavy oil recovery and for improving hydrocarbon production in areas of challenging well conditions having impurities such as sand, paraffin, and asphaltenes in the produced fluid.

The integration of Production Systems, production optimization software PortAll and Service to new or mature field enables higher rates of production with lower lifting costs and extended service life.

Whether onshore or offshore, FloWQ Production Systems do not require uneconomical work over operations for servicing downhole equipment.