Production Systems - Engineering and Technology

Wellquip Holding provides solutions for each step of the field development. Our engineers and consultants have experience in field studies, reservoir engineering, concept evaluations, well design, well construction and successful system selection and completions.

Our special competence is to be able to provide field wide tailored and fast-track solutions based on proven technology, standardized products and designs that will meet Customer’s specific requirements.

Wellquip Holding ensures overall product life cycle management, continuous improvement in products and Technology Development for FloWQ Production Systems by providing day-to-day Technical Support for projects and field operations.

Wellquip Holding has the necessary competence and experience to provide single-point Field Engineering for oil and gas industry from single-well design to full field development, and Product Engineering being able to develop the existing production systems further.

Technology Development
Wellquip Holding is continuously improving and testing new innovations to provide Customers better solutions and products. With own testing facilities and long term R&D programs we are today able to offer better know-how and technology.

Technical Support
Wellquip Holding has own technical support which supports field operations and optimizes production using monitoring data and well analyzing programs.