Main Office:
Wellquip Oy
Valtakatu 6
FIN-28100 PORI
Tel: +358 2 631 8700 
FAX: +358 2 637 8600 
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Offshore  Production Systems  Service

Wellquip Offshore provides a wide range of offshore services from conceptual design, engineering, procurement, project management, EPC turn key deliveries to offshore hydrocarbon production. We serve global offshore market, specialising in arctic offshore with emphasis on Russian Federation and the Caspian Sea region.


Wellquip develops and provides oil and gas asset lifecycle equipment and services to Customers from field concept design, hydrocarbon production modernizations, optimising operational efficiencies, field development and enhanced hydrocarbon production, to long term operation and maintenance services.


Wellquip Service provides oil and gas asset lifecycle services. Our service and support solutions range from basic support to build, maintain and operate contracts. Wellquip Service completes installations, hook-up and commissioning of artificial lift systems, optimises operational efficiencies, and provide mature oilfield modernizations and enhanced hydrocarbon production solutions.

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